Gluten-Free and FODMAPs

Restricted diets for gluten-related disorders and IBS
6 RD CEUs • CDR Approved

Do you want to know more about FODMAP-restricted diets, what the research shows, and how to work with patients?  Do you want to learn the latest information on gluten-related disorders, meal planning and  the new FDA guidelines for gluten-free labeling? Then this program is for you.

Join Marlisa Brown, MS, RD, CDE, CDN, author of Gluten-Free Hassle-Free & easy, gluten-free and Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD, author of IBS—Free at Last! Second Edition

Program Outline:
(Registration includes all materials, certificate of completion, continental breakfast and snack break)

Part I:  “Effective Delivery of FODMAP-Restricted Diets for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)”

  • Common characteristics of FODMAP carbohydrates how they act collectively to cause IBS symptoms
  • Common high and low FODMAP foods
  • Identifying appropriate patients for a FODMAP elimination diet
  • Nutrition care planning for IBS patients using FODMAP approach
  • Menu and recipe modification
  • Identifying FODMAP ingredients on food labels
  • Resources

Part II:  “Gluten Related Disorders, Assessment, Diagnoses and Treatment”

  • New assessment & diagnostic protocol celiac disease vs. gluten sensitivity
  • Long term complications of untreated gluten related disorders
  • Safe food lists
  • A look at research on shots and pills as a method of reducing risks of cross contamination
  • Newly established food labeling laws
  • Meal planning and recipe modification
  • Hospitalized vs. Outpatient feeding issues
  • Dining out and travel
  • Resources

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  • Excellent, it gave me the boost I needed to start my projects for writing.
  • Insiders tips that are so valuable.
  • Very motivating and informative for tips on how to plan and budget for getting your business started
  • Insurance billing was quite eye-opening.
  • Very applicable made me find what I can do
  • Very helpful for starting and building a private practice
  • Great Presentation
  • This program was very helpful for me; I was able to establish basics for opening my own practice