Multiskilling for Nutrition Professionals,
How to Position Yourself in a Changing Marketplace.

With Marlisa Brown MS, RD, CDE, CDN
And Constance Brown-Riggs MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN


Being competitive today is more important than ever before.  Just working hard and knowing your job isn’t always enough to boost your career.  As businesses continue to restructure and downsize, markets are becoming more difficult.  Moreover, other less qualified professional’s, are inching their way into the nutrition marketplace.

So how can you compete? You must first identify the specialties that you are most skilled in. Then assess the changes that you will need to make to secure an opportunity in a new more lucrative position.  Now you are ready to develop you talents to position yourself for a new enterprises.

By attending this program you will receive all the tools you need to develop your action plan for success.

In just 4 hours –

We’ll examine

  • The factors influencing today’s changing markets
  • Skill sets for traditional dietetic positions
  • Expanding new positions for dietetic professionals
  • Skills needed for new market opportunities


We’ll teach you

  • How to develop your platform
  • How to develop and nurture you brand
  • How to leverage social media


We’ll share with you

  • How we remain competitive
    • Freelance writing
    • Authoring books
    • Professional speaking
    • Spokesperson work
    • Corporate wellness
    • Industry Advisor
    • Media expert
    • Product development
    • Culinary Consulting
    • Content reviewer

When you leave this seminar you’ll be able to:

  • List 3 advantages of multiskilling
  • Identify skills needed to successfully position yourself in a new market.
  • Identify the differences between traditional and nontraditional dietetic roles.
  • List advanced educational forums to increase skills and position yourself as the go to expert.
  • Verbalize strategies to market and sell your brand

And more…

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Multiskilling for Nutrition Professionals, How to Position Yourself in this Changing Marketplace.

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  • Excellent, it gave me the boost I needed to start my projects for writing.
  • Insiders tips that are so valuable.
  • Very motivating and informative for tips on how to plan and budget for getting your business started
  • Insurance billing was quite eye-opening.
  • Very applicable made me find what I can do
  • Very helpful for starting and building a private practice
  • Great Presentation
  • This program was very helpful for me; I was able to establish basics for opening my own practice