The Entrepreneurial Professional

MC Seminars Presents:

The Entrepreneurial Professional • CDR Approved • 2 RD & DTR CEUs

JoinMarlisa Brown MS RD, CDE, CDN and Constance MSED, RD, CDE, CDN in this high power seminar. Together they will take their 30 plus years of experience to give you the tools you need to take that next step and launch your entrepreneurial venture

Program Outline:
(Program registration includes: all materials, workbook, and continental breakfast.)

Writing a book (The Basics):

  • Building your Platform
  • Developing your Topic
  • Writing a Proposal
  • Do you need an Agent?
  • Types of publications
  • Benefits of becoming an author

Writing for Magazines & Journals

  • Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing
  • Titles that Sell
  • Developing your Outline
  • Pitching/Selling your Ideas
  • Establishing fees
  • Finding and Establishing Relationships

Developing Educational Materials

  • Newsletters, Handouts and Educational Tool Kits

Writing online

  • Pros and Cons
  • Outlets for Writing
  • Social Media
  • Cross Promotion

Presentations and Events
Public Speaking

  • Developing your Skills
  • Knowing your Audience
  • Pitching and Pricing Presentations

Planning and Running Successful Events

  • Health Fairs
  • Community Events
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Setting fees

Branding, Marketing and Media
Product Development from Concept to Sale

  • Developing your own Action Plan to Get Started
  • Marketing and Closing a Deal
  • Promote/promote/promote
  • Networking
  • Creating your  Brand
  • Tooting your Own Horn
  • The Basics of Writing and Pricing a Proposal
  • Partnerships and Grants


  • Basic Interview Tips
  • How to Get your Message Out there
  • Developing a Media Contact List
  • Working with print and broadcast media

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  • Excellent, it gave me the boost I needed to start my projects for writing.
  • Insiders tips that are so valuable.
  • Very motivating and informative for tips on how to plan and budget for getting your business started
  • Insurance billing was quite eye-opening.
  • Very applicable made me find what I can do
  • Very helpful for starting and building a private practice
  • Great Presentation
  • This program was very helpful for me; I was able to establish basics for opening my own practice